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2019 EICMA Wrap Up: BMW Motorrad

This year’s EICMA has been a delight for motorcycle enthusiasts. Before it had begun, we could sense the upcoming action. There were several teases from a number of bike manufacturers, promising new and exciting unveils. And we haven’t been disappointed in the slightest.

Beginning with BMW Motorrad, the German bike maker unveiled three new excellent motorcycles - F 900 R, F 900 XR, and the 2020 S 1000 XR. While the F900s are all-new motorcycles, the S 1000 XR is an update over the existing motorcycle.

One thing we noticed about the new BMW Motorrad productions is that there’s more emphasis on the sportier side of riding, especially in the F 900 bikes. The current motorcycle, the F 800 R, is clearly less enthusiastic in its appeal.

Let’s take a look at all three new releases:

F 900 R

BMW F 900 R

Sportier, more responsive, and more powerful, the F 900 R is an athletic new middle-weight from BMW. The upgraded 895cc parallel twin engine is housed inside the new bridge-type frame constructed out of steel, along with an aluminium swingarm. The bike makes 105 HP @ 8,500 RPM and 92 NM of torque @ 6,500 RPM. And it weighs 211 kg ready-to-ride.

The bodywork is all-new as well and the motorcycle just looks edgier than ever before. As is the new trend, the F 900 R sports LED headlight with adaptive lights that activate at 7-degree of lean angle. Topping off the aesthetic department is a functional TFT display.

F 900 XR

BMW F 900 XR

This is the first time that BMW has introduced another XR motorcycle, which is a good thing. The F 900 XR is the sport-tourer variant of its streetfighter sibling, the F 900 R.

Built on the same platform, the F 900 XR gets the same 895cc parallel twin engine developing 105 HP @ 8,500 RPM and 92 NM of torque @ 6,500 RPM. The frame, swingarm, and the TFT screen are the same as well. Beyond this, the differences begin.

The suspension travel at both ends is 170/172mm compared to the R’s 135/142mm for front and rear. The fuel tank capacity is 15.5 liters compared to the R’s 13 Liters. Of course, the F 900 XR is heavier at 219 kg road ready.

S 1000 XR

2020 BMW S 1000 RR

Featuring a familiar, yet, new design, the 2020 S 1000 XR is lighter and faster than before. Featuring an updated 999cc inline-4 engine derived out of the S 1000 RR unit, it produces the same 165 HP @ 11,000 RPM and 114 NM of torque @ 9,250 RPM. However, changes in gearing and tuning indicate better performance.

The composite-aluminium frame is all-new and it is lighter than the one in the outgoing model. Moreover, the new S 1000 XR now gets cornering ABS and Dynamic Traction Control, engine torque control, riding modes, six-axis IMU, as well as electronic suspension at both ends as standard.

The new design is sharper and sleeker than before, making the motorcycle appear sportier and more agile.



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