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  • Sachin Sen

Royal Enfield’s First Major Updates for the Continental GT and the Interceptor

Royal Enfield has given its Continental GT and Interceptor the first major update since their launch in 2018. Recently, the company introduced the updated versions of these motorcycles in the European market, with alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, LED headlight, updated switchgear, and new paint schemes.

It was only obvious that these will be brought to the company’s home market as well. And Royal Enfield has quietly slipped the upgraded motorcycles into its Indian lineup.

2023 Continental GT and Interceptor

These two motorcycles are like the twins, quite literally; never been separated and have always been treated the same by their parents! They were launched together, and whatever updates they’ve received so far, they’ve got them together.

This time, Royal Enfield has introduced some much needed changes that not only expand their usability, but also make them easier to live with, and most importantly, make them more worthy of being modern retros.

The most prominent changes include the switch to alloy wheels, which also means that the motorcycles now get tubeless tyres; something absolutely useful especially while on longer rides. The bikes also get the all-black theme; black alloy wheels, blacked-out engine, exhausts. This is likely done to move the Continental GT and the Interceptor away from their laid back persona, because that’s what it feels like in their dark versions.

The other major update is the introduction of LED headlight, which is similar to the one on the Super Meteor. This is something which is a quintessential element of a modern motorcycle today, and which should also improve night riding experience.

The switch gear is also new, once again resembling the one on the Super Meteor, but on the Continental GT and the Interceptor, it’s in black. The aluminium casing should improve both the look and feel of the entire switch assembly. There’s also the addition of a USB port.

The updated versions also get two new colours each; Slipstream Blue and Apex Grey for the Continental GT, and Black Ray and Barcelona Blue for the Interceptor. Additionally, the standard spoked-wheel variants also get changes in their colour offerings.

The engine in both the motorcycles remain the same. It's 647.95cc, parallel twin, air/oil-cooled, SOCH with 270-degree crank, and produces 47.4 PS of power at 7,250 RPM and 52.3 NM of torque at 5,150 RPM. It is smooth with excellent fuel delivery and linear acceleration. There are no flat spots as such, and the engine is fantastically tractable and has proven its reliability since its introduction.

The Interceptor lineup’s prices start at INR 3,03,000 and go up to INR 3,21,000 ex-showroom for the new versions. On the other hand, the Continental GT prices start at INR 3,19,000 and go up to INR 3,39,000 for the new versions.

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Mar 18, 2023

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