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  • Sachin Sen

The Alpinestars Supertech R10: Do You Fancy the Helmet Worn by Jack Miller and Jorge Martin?

Alpinestars Supertech R10, or S-R10
Alpinestars Supertech R10, or S-R10

Realizing the importance of head safety, with respect to motorcycles, does not require deliberation. But providing the best possible head protection does.

Surrounding the head with a strong material and cushion for comfort is not enough, neither does it do the job. How the helmet takes an impact, how much of it reaches the head, and how much of it disappears; everything has to be studied, researched, and implemented into the product. It’s science.

When you want the best protection for your head, you look toward the likes of Arai, Shoei, and AGV. These brands are usually the most sought after by motorcycle riders around the world given their legacy and the overall quality of their helmets, as well as due to their endorsement by some of the greatest motorcycle racers on the planet.

But recently, Alpinestars, a prominent brand that specializes in motorcycle riding gear, has made a thrilling entry into the world of helmets with a high-end model, Supertech R10. And how good is this helmet? Good enough to provide MotoGP riders Jack Miller and Jorge Martin the best protection.

What makes the Alpinestars Supertech R10 special?

Alpinestars Supertech R10, or S-R10
Multilayer carbon, glass fibre, and aramid shell for utmost protection and lightness

The Supertech R10, or S-R10, is designed to be worn by MotoGP riders. And there’s no other motorcycle race on earth where the bikes are ridden any faster. The helmet has to provide the highest level of performance, and what do I mean by it? That it not only has to be among the safest helmets, it has to be stable, and comfortable enough for a completely distraction-free experience during a race. All of which adds to safety. In essence, the S-R10 is for the riders looking for maximum protection and performance in a motorcycle helmet.

There’s carbon fibre and several other elements in layers to create one of the best helmets money can buy. The main outer layer is high density carbon followed by a uo carbon composite layer, then there’s a combination of glass fibre and nylon fibre with inner-most layer made of aramid fibre. It’s a multi-composite shell composed of the best elements in a helmet.

However, shell construction is the primary (and just one) aspect of helmet safety. Beyond this, Alpinestars talks about the aerodynamic stability of the S-R10, because a helmet that isn’t stable at 350 kph only compromises overall safety, no matter how good the helmet shell is otherwise. A perfectly stable helmet allows a rider to concentrate on maintaining proper body positions rather than fighting helmet/head wobble, which could further affect overall body and motorcycle stability.

Alpinestars Supertech R10, or S-R10
Absolutely aerodynamic, afterall, that's Jack Miller wearing an S-R10

A helmet designed for the fastest riders in the world requires more than just the shape of its core body to be fully aerodynamic. The S-R10 can be worn with one of the two spoilers; one for road and one for track use. Specifically the race spoiler, along with the default winglets, reduce drag by 4.54%. Moreover, the spoilers, attached through elastic joints, can detach if there’s a significant impact regardless of the angle. Also, there are turbulators on the visor that help in reducing the wind noise. The visor itself is ECE 2206 compliant.

The design of the S-R10, especially the lower part extending on either side from the chin, is designed to help protect more than the rider’s head. That section is curved upwards to protect the collarbone in case an impact forces the helmet to hit it. Further enhancing safety is 220-degree lateral vision, thanks to the lowered eye port at both sides of the helmet. Additionally, the vertical vision is 57-degree as well.

There are 11 ventilation ports to enhance breathability and comfort. The EPS (stands for Expanded Polystyrene, which is a crushable foam) liner comes with A-Head height and angle adjustability, which means it can be adjusted according to the rider’s preference, especially with respect to the way the helmet sits on a particular rider’s head. This system is developed by Alpinestars and first used in its S-M10 Motocross helmet.

The Alpinestars Supertech R10 is a limited edition helmet to be available in February 2024.

Image credits: Alpinestars


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