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  • Sachin Sen

Triumph’s Updated Street Triple 765 R and RS… and the new Street Triple Moto2 Edition

Triumph has recently updated its Street Triple range with more performance-oriented changes. Introducing sharper styling with new graphics that make the bikes look sportier and more aggressive than before. Also, there are upgrades to the engine as well as rider ergonomics for better responsiveness on road and track.

For 2023, there’s no standard Street Triple. Instead, there is a Street Triple R, Street Triple RS, and a limited edition Street Triple Moto2 Edition.

Common and Model-Specific Changes

All three motorcycles receive some changes that are common. The 765cc inline-triple engine gets new pistons, con rods, and gudgeon pins. Additionally, the combustion chamber has been optimised for increased cylinder pressure limit, leading to more power production. New valves and camshafts improve intake, combustion, and exhaust efficiency for overall higher performance and engine responsiveness. All these changes have also increased the compression ratio to 13.25:1.

The 765cc engine in all three motorcycles produces more power than before, but the RS and the Moto2 edition produce more power than the R. While the Street Triple R churns out 120 PS at 11,500 RPM, the Street Triple RS and the Moto2 edition peak at 130 PS at 12,000 RPM. Torque, however, remains the same across the three bikes at 80 NM at 9,500 RPM.

Furthermore, the gearing has been revised that helps in quicker acceleration. There’s a standard up and down quickshifter in all three bikes. And there’s new free-flow exhaust as well.

For the first time, the entire Street Triple range gets adjustable suspension front and back. The Street Triple R gets 41 mm Showa Separate Function Forks - Big Piston adjustable for compression, rebound, and preload, while the rear gets the Showa piggyback monoshock RSU similarly adjustable.

The Street Triple RS also gets the fully-adjustable Showa Big Piston Forks at the front and at the rear, there’s an Ohlins piggyback reservoir. The Street Triple Moto2 edition gets the Ohlins treatment front and back. Additionally, the Moto2 edition gets clip-on bars for a racier riding stance suitable for on-track action. This, too, is a first for a Street Triple.

The new Street Triples are as modern as ever. All three motorcycles get optimised cornering ABS and cornering traction control. In the Street Triple R, there are four riding modes: Rain, Road, Sport, and Rider-configurable. The RS and the Moto2 edition get all these as well as a Track mode. These two higher spec models also get a new 5-inch TFT display. The Street Triple R, on the other hand, gets a 4-inch console which includes a TFT display for some key information. The RS and the Moto2 edition also get bluetooth connectivity.

The styling sees some visible changes. The bikes look overall more aggressive and sharper than before. The fuel tank has been redesigned with integrated tank extensions, and it has 15 litres of capacity. The Street Triple Moto2 edition, especially, looks quite nice in bright Triumph Racing Yellow with aluminium white subframe, or the Crystal White with Racing Yellow subframe.

We are awaiting their India launch.



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