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Triumph Unveils the 2022 Speed Triple RR

2022 Triumph Speed Triple RR
2022 Triumph Speed Triple RR

Triumph is one of the most active motorcycle manufacturers so far in the 21st century. Quite literally, all of its motorcycles are among the best in their respective segments. The entire Bonneville range, including the Bobber and the Speedmaster, the enviable Street Triple, the amazing Tigers, the all-new Speed Triple RS which is now a Super Naked, and of course, the latest entry-level triple Trident. Name a segment and you shall be happy to pick up a Triumph.

In the last few days, Triumph was teasing an even sportier version of the Speed Triple, called Speed Triple RR. The only thing it revealed, which happened to be the most important element as well, is that the bike sports a front fairing. The rest was hidden and it was anybody’s guess whether it is a full-fairing or a classic semi-fairing surrounding a round headlamp.

2022 Triumph Speed Triple RR
Triumph Speed Triple RR with more focused ergonomics and electronic suspension

Not anymore though, as the Speed Triple RR has been officially unveiled and it looks absolutely likeable. A more committed, more engaging version of the Speed Triple RS with ergonomics that are no less aggressive than a Superbike. In fact, call it a Superbike if you wish to because the specs are quite good enough to make it qualify as one, unless you feel that 180 PS is too small a number! But hey, the 1160cc inline-3 engine produces a remarkable 125 NM of torque and that too at 9,000 RPM promising effortless pulling power.

The Speed Triple RR is as modern as a sport bike can be but gives a good nod to the old-school styling with a compact, streamlined, cockpit fairing housing a round LED headlamp. Compared to the RS, the clip-on handlebars are mounted lower (by 135mm) and farther (by 50mm) creating a riding stance that makes it much more suitable for chasing lap times on a race track. However, Triumph makes it clear that the Speed Triple RR is a sportbike for the road.

2022 Triumph Speed Triple RR with cockpit semi-fairing and clip-on handlebars
Speed Triple RR with cockpit fairing and all-LED lighting

The motorcycle is neck-deep in technology - from the simplest of things such as the all-LED lighting to the electronically adjustable semi-active Ohlins Smart EC 2.0 suspension, the RR has got everything. There’s IMU-assisted cornering ABS and traction control system, front wheel lift control, as well as five riding modes - Rain, Road, Sport, Track, and Rider Configurable. The brakes are top class too with Brembo Styllema callipers at the front managing twin 320mm discs while the rear has a 220mm disc. This setup is the same as on the Speed Triple RS. The difference is in the suspension where the RR gets the electronically adjustable Ohlins package while the RS has the non-electronic Ohlins package but they are also fully adjustable.

Some other specs that remain the same are the seat height at 830mm, rake & trail, and 15.5 liters of fuel tank capacity. The wheelbase of the RR is shorter at 1439mm compared to the 1445mm of the RS. Also, the RR is equipped with Pirelli Supercorsa SP V3 tyres that, Triumph says, are one of the best for road and track performance.

Ohlins electronically adjustable semi-active Smart EC 2.0 and Brembo Styllema callipers on the 2022 Speed Triple RR
Speed Triple RR has got semi-active electronically adjustable Ohlins Smart EC 2.0 suspension and Brembo Styllema callipers

Now to the most important bit - the engine. This is one of the things that is carried over to the RR as it is. Its 1160cc inline triple, DOHC, liquid-cooled, 4-valve per cylinder, short-stroke motor. It produces 180PS at 10,750 RPM and 125NM of torque at 9,000 RPM. The chassis (entire frame and swing-arm) is the same as well.

The Speed Triple RR is a beautiful motorcycle to look at, which is unsurprising as the RS is quite stunning as well. The small cockpit fairing is beautiful and gels seamlessly with the motorcycle’s overall design. That’s hardly an afterthought. This and the handlebar are the two most prominent visual differences between the Speed Triple RR and the Speed Triple RS.

Two beautiful colors and Pirelli Supercorsa SP V3 tyres for excellent road and track performance
Triumph Speed Triple RR in two stunning colors

Triumph has launched the Speed Triple RR at a price of 17,950 Pounds.


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