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  • Sachin Sen

Honda Activa is a Smart-Looking Scooter, And It Just Got Smarter

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Honda Activa Smart with H-Smart
Honda Activa Smart with H-Smart

Some vehicles are built on such a solid platform that they are often considered perfect in their current version. Honda Activa is one such two-wheeler. It has been a blueprint for Indian scooters ever since its launch.

In its two decades of existence, Activa has not only been HMSI’s most successful product, it has been one of the highest selling two-wheelers in the Indian market. At times, it has even outsold every other two-wheeler in India, and that includes the unmistakable Hero Splendor.

While Activa’s basic design has remained largely unchanged over the years, it has gained several important upgrades to get better in the face of the competition; telescopic forks at the front, LED lighting, and programmed fuel injection.

Now, Honda has chosen the Activa as the first two-wheeler in India to receive, what Honda calls, the H-Smart (Honda Smart) technology. The Activa is HMSI’s first two-wheeler to get a smart key remote, which looks similar to your car key remote device. What it primarily does is eliminates the use of a physical key to operate the scooter.

Honda Activa Smart with H-Smart
Honda Smart Key

The Honda Smart Key enables the following functions: Smart Find, Smart Unlock, Smart Start, and Smart Safe. Everything is so smart!

Let’s take a look at them:

Smart Find: Pressing the “answer back” button on the smart key will prompt all four indicators to flash twice, helping you in locating the scooter in a crowded parking lot. This function works up to a distance of 10 metres.

Smart Unlock: When the smart key is within 2 metres from the scooter, you can unlock the seat, move the handle, open the fuel lid without inserting the key anywhere.

Smart Start: The scooter is ready to start when the smart key is within 2 metres range. Simply rotate the knob to ignition ON and press the start/stop switch.

Smart Safe: The immobilizer function deactivates the scooter as soon as the smart key is more than 2 metres away from the scooter.

Additionally, the Activa Smart gets alloy wheels, finally. Tyre specifications remain the same though; 12-inch front and 10-inch rear. The Activa now comes in three variants: Standard (INR 74,536), Deluxe (INR 77,036), and Smart (INR 80,537).


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