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Trident - Triumph is Bringing its Inline Triple Closer to More Riders

Triumph Trident

One of the best things about road-going motorcycle engines is they are versatile. In a way that a particular engine can be used in more than one variety of motorcycles simply by changing its state of tune.

Triumph Trident is perhaps the most recent example of this.

The iconic British motorcycle manufacturer has just unveiled the Trident prototype, revealing the bike’s design in pure white making it look like the base right before applying the intended colour. What is more clearly more interesting is the inline-3 cylinder engine that will be powering it.

Triumph Trident inline triple engine

Making its targets absolutely clear, Triumph says that Trident will compete with the likes of Kawasaki Z650 and Honda CBR650R, indicating it will likely be a 650cc motorcycle while revealing no technical engine details so far.

However, the company has said that the pricing will be competitive, as it has to be, and is intended to bring the most fun and involving riding experience in this category. Not to mention this is going to be Triumph’s most approachable inline-3 engine in every way.

Triumph Trident round headlamp

And Trident appears to be the most refreshing take around this amazing engine. The design inspiration of the motorcycle comes from more than one Triumph motorcycles, such as the Speed Triple and the Speed Twin, but it has its own personality. It is not a parts bin special!

From the circular LED headlamp and the console to the prominent fuel tank and overall minimal bodywork, the Trident prototype appears contemporary yet easy on the eye. For this reason alone, we believe this is how the production model will actually look. There’s nothing visible in this prototype that doesn’t appear like it won’t make it to production.

Triumph Trident round console

It is safe to assume that Trident’s engine will make anywhere between 68 PS and 96PS of peak power, as these are the power figures of Z650 and CBR650R respectively. And since Triumph’s Street Triple S, the company’s A2-specific model, is capable of churning out 95.2 PS of peak power, the Trident will definitely not make any more power.

The engine is housed inside an all-new tube frame giving the impression of easy-going, yet, involving handling characteristics. Other than that, there are the usual upside-down forks, that will most likely be Showa separate function forks, the dual disk brakes at front and a rear mono-shock

Triumph is planning to launch this motorcycle in the spring of 2021 and so we will not have to wait for a long time to see how the Trident turns out to be. From what we have seen, it is going to be very exciting indeed. The idea of the most affordable Triumph sport bike powered by the inline-3 engine is enough to make us curious.



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