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  • Sachin Sen

Honda Expands the Africa Twin Platform Further with the Hawk 11

Honda Hawk 11
Honda Hawk 11

One of the best things about the Honda Africa Twin is its compact parallel twin engine, keeping the, otherwise, generally large motorcycle slim and manageable for most riders. And that makes the 1084cc engine suitable for a road bike as well, one that should be at ease in changing traffic conditions.

Honda is not stopping with the NT1100 to showcase the versatility of the Africa Twin platform, as the Japanese manufacturer has now unveiled the Hawk 11 at the 2022 Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

Honda Hawk 11
Honda Hawk 11

Hawk 11 is a cafe racer that gets its frame from the Africa Twin while the swing-arm is straight from the NT1100. The 17-inch wheels and the brakes are also from the sport-tourer. It has been observed that though the front discs are of the same size between the Hawk 11 and the NT1100, the Nissin radial callipers are larger on the Hawk. Additionally, the Showa Separate Function Big Piston Forks are similar as well but redesigned.

As far as the design is concerned, the Hawk 11 has a distinct styling with the small fairing surrounding the circular LED headlight. The clip-on handlebars provide a sportier riding position, and together with the NT1100 and the Africa Twin, riders will soon be able to go for three different riding experiences, on a single platform, depending on their preferences.

Honda Hawk 11
Compact and full of all relevant information

Information on the engine is a bit scarce at this moment as there are no official power and torque figures; however, it shouldn’t be any different from what the Twin and NT1100 produce, which means around 101 PS and 104 NM of torque. Interestingly, the engine capacity is known to be 1082cc instead of 1084cc (which is the European spec for the Africa Twin and the NT1100).

The Africa Twin and the NT1100 weigh 239 kg and 238 kg wet, respectively, and these are the figures of the manual gearbox versions. The Hawk 11 shall be the lightest of them all and it is said that the Hawk 11 will only come with the 6-speed manual transmission.


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